Live satellite TV goes mobile with the DISH Tailgater and Sling adapter

Live satellite TV goes mobile with the DISH Tailgater and Sling adapter

The nice people at DISH network just love to make sure their subscribers can get the most out of their hard spent entertainment dollars, and with a keen eye on how more and more people are using mobile devices to do everything from play games to watch online videos, it was a no-brainer when DISH integrated the Sling technology into their satellite TV services, allowing subscribers the chance to watch live TV broadcasts of sports events or TV shows that only air at certain times right there on their iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Blackberry, or laptop. You can’t always be at home when you want to watch something that interests you, so this advancement in technology kicked things up a notch in terms of adding true value for money spent on home entertainment. As anybody knows that has ever tried to watch a video on their smartphone, the quality is only as good as your connection speed, so those that have access to the 4G networks will no doubt enjoy the better video capabilities of watching live broadcasts.

Here it is the middle of September, and football season is in full swing. In the parking lots of arenas all across the country before each game there’s a new device that’s making it’s debut, and those who have it are the envy of everybody else at the pre-game tailgating parties. The new device is known as the DISH Tailgater, and what it’s doing is bringing live satellite TV to the owners that have been fortunate enough to snag one and show off how they can watch all the pre-game shows and interviews while they roast burgers and hotdogs on their grills. Rippling through the throngs of people encircling this wonderful new technology can be heard the same comment over and over, “I’ve GOT to get one of these!!”.

The DISH Tailgater has also taken RV campgrounds by storm this year as droves of RV owners are becoming DISH subscribers in order to secure a Tailgater for their own little home away from home. It’s no secret that every RV should carry ALL the conveniences of home, and for years, having the capability to enjoy hundreds of satellite TV channels just wasn’t an option until the introduction of the Tailgater.

Direct TV and all the cable companies out there will no doubt need to step up their game this year if they plan on competing with DISH for the mobile market, because as it stands right now DISH has jumped far into the lead when it comes to giving their subscribers some fantastic mobile benefits.

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