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DISH Network offers upgrades that expand package choices for more customized tastes with a variety of both sports upgrades and premium movie channel upgrades. For Hawaii sports enthusiasts, the DISH sports upgrades include a Multi Sport Package that runs only $7 extra per month, and has additional sports channels for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, college sports, and much more. There's also individual sports channel upgrades that are devoted to each sport that will please even the most die hard sports fans. Other DISH package upgrades include BLOCKBUSTER @Home for only $10 per month that has over 100,000 movies, TV shows, and games to pick from, the DISH Heartland package upgrade that provides 5 additional channels just perfect for families and those who love country living, and lastly there's the premium channel upgrades that offer HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz.

When choosing between DISH Network VS DIRECTV, Hawaii consumers have repeatedly chosen DISH Network's vast network of channels as one of their main reasons for going with DISH in Hawaii. With well over 200 HD channels in their lineup since they launched the EchoStar XIV satellite, it's clear that they can provide more HD channels to their viewers than any other satellite TV provider, along with the ability to provide more local channels to even the most rural locations. Subscribers with DISH Network Hawaii have also voted them #1 year after year with JD Powers for providing the very best customer service.

Hawaii subscribers vary in taste with the type of programming they prefer, which is why there are 10 English TV DISH Network packages to choose from, ranging from the $14.95 Welcome Pack that has over 40+ channels, right up to the $74.99 (on current promotion) America's Everything Pak that has 315+ channels. For Spanish speaking and bilingual subscribers there are 5 DishLATINO packages that start with the DishLATINO Basico package for $22.99 that has 55+ channels, and goes up to DishLATINO Max that costs $39.99 on special, and offers 255+ channels. Along with the defined national and international channels, each of the packages come standard with free local channels for DISH Network Hawaii subscribers.

DISH Network stands far and above the rest in providing cutting edge equipment that allows Hawaii subscribers to utilize their HD televisions and home entertainment centers to their fullest potential, as well as connecting wireless devices to streaming satellite TV services. Among the most recent of these popular forms of DISH Network equipment that's been introduced is the award winning DISH Hopper, that's set a whole new standard for HD DVR equipment. The DISH Hopper is not only a HD DVR that can provide satellite TV service to an entire home, but it can record up to 6 channels simultaneously during primetime, and has a 2TB hard drive that's larger than any other DVR hard drive in existence. DISH Network also introduced the DISH Tailgater that is a portable satellite TV dish that can be set up in remote locations so subscribers can use it while camping or at sports event tailgate parties. Last but not least is the Sling adapter and Remote Access app that's available for the TV Everywhere service, which provides live streaming satellite TV service to wireless devices like Smartphones, laptops, and tablets like the iPad.

The best way to find out which satellite TV products and services are right for you is to try them out for free, and DISH Network understands how important it is that you not only have the opportunity to enjoy free trials and incentives for signing up as a Hawaii subscriber, but you also save money in the long run and get more bang for your buck. No matter whether you're looking to get free installation, free upgrades on the most current HD DVR receivers, free premium movie channels, or other Dish Network deals that will boost your entertainment value, Dish Network will give you more valuable reasons to choose them as your favorite resource for home entertainment.

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Getting free local TV stations in Hawaii through DISH Network is a standard courtesy that is extended to all subscribers regardless of which package is chosen. DISH Network feels it's important to provide all Hawaii customers with the most value for their money, so whenever a Hawaii subscriber chooses a package, there is a channel lineup that lists the national or international channels for that particular package, but local Dish Network channels are set according to the closest metropolitan area, with some areas having more programming choices than others. With this in mind, DISH provides the local Hawaii TV stations at no additional cost since there is such a wide variation of local TV channels from area to area.

Interesting facts about Hawaii

Hawaii was the last state to join the United States when it became a state on August 21, 1959, and has Honolulu as the state capital. Hawaii is the most southern state in the United States, and is the birthplace of the 44th President Barack Obama. Hawaii is the widest state in the United States and is also the only state that grows coffee. The islands of Hawaii are composed of the peaks of the highest mountain range in the world and consist of over 130 scattered points of land stretching some 1,600 miles in length. It’s the only state to have its own time zone (Hawaiian Standard Time) and it has no daylight savings time.

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